One afternoon on the desk at my library

Most days I’m rostered on the circulation desk for the 3.30-5pm slot so I can help my target audience: my name badge does have the words ‘Youth Librarian’ on it after all.

Generally things tick along with issues, returns, homework help, getting people on the computers (and others off the computers), stamps for the little ones and maybe a puzzle or two. Then there are afternoons like yesterday! Just as I arrived, a mum let me know that her youngest had had a little accident so I got the contamination box and started disinfecting the scene. Now, I’m known for my multi-tasking but the next thing that happened really highlights my super ability. Big sister and mum started talking about the books she’d chosen and a debate ensued about whether she needed some that were a bit more challenging as she’s a good reader. As I was still sorting out the little brother’s oopsie, I started a bit of reader’s advisory asking what she was interested in, what she’d read before and why she liked certain books. Once, I’d finished up with the cleaning I suggested Rachel King’s ‘Red Rocks’ and Susan Brocker’s ‘Restless Spirit’ because she loves animal stories and I have a bias towards pushing great NZ writers at any opportunity.

With not much time to catch my breath, I then had to intervene in a drama that was taking place amongst two groups of kids ranging in age from about 8-15 years old. Each side was having a strop with the other and apparently they are neighbours too. I had to dust off my teacher skills and remind them to respect others and themselves and told the older kids to be good role models. Things calmed down and I was able to put my smiling librarian mask back on. And it was lucky I did because 10 minutes later one of the girls in the group came up to me to get help with her homework just like she would do on a normal day.

Yet another day in my job where I can say: ‘see librarians do much more that work with books all day!’ Oh, and I actually like being kept on my toes. Even while cleaning up oopsies I can still say that I love being a Youth Librarian!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zackids
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 02:27:42

    I wish I could have that title of ‘Youth Librarian.’ Even though that’s my area of expertise and passion, my job title is ‘Community Learning Librarian’ (or Jack of all Trades). I hope cleaning up oopsies aren’t a regular occurance for you Fi 🙂


    • ukulelefi
      Oct 19, 2012 @ 05:22:35

      Thanks for reading Zac 🙂 Although that’s my official title I’m essentially a Jill of all trades cos of the size of our library. Is about my 4th incident so hoping this won’t become a regular thing.


  2. Philip van Zijl
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 19:03:55

    …and cleaning up oopsies is not in her Job Dscription (I wrote it :)) I might have to rewrite it and include a line about Superwoman…


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