Class visits to the library and museum: it’s all about connections

Since I started in my position last year I’ve been working on getting classes and their teachers into the library more regularly. I want to support students with searching our catalogue and finding + using the great resources that we have. Finally this week I got the chance to really do this for the first time!

Now, getting them into the library hasn’t been easy. I’ve cold-called teachers, sent a group email out outlining services I can provide, attended a couple of school librarian network meetings, worked with the Musuem and Archives (in the building next door) to compile a letter detailing our combined services, supported the Art Gallery in running class visits to ‘The making of the Word Witch’ exhibition, given out my business card to teachers as I’ve been helping them find resources for their classes and so on.

So how did it finally happen? During Maori Language Week, schools come along to perform at the library. I introduced a group, made a connection with one teacher, mentioned that if she ever wanted to bring a class in, I’d be happy to help. Then, this group were waiting for another group to perform so they went into the Museum to kill some time. Now the factor that sealed the deal was the psychic connection the curator/ acting director and I have grown. As soon as she saw the teacher, she said that the museum could help her if she wanted to bring a class in. They started talking about ‘communication through the ages’ and a plan began to grow. My museum soul-sister  mentioned that maybe the library could do something along those lines too. And next thing you know, we got an email from this teacher asking us what we could do. We came up with our cunning plan and then this teacher asked if would could run these sessions with all 5 Year 8 classes at her school. And of course we said yes (even though we were freaking out just a smidgen).

How did it go? Great of course but I’ll save those details for the next posting. Really better get back to that assignment now 🙂

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